January 14

The Roshe Runs!!!

Everyone is ┬áhyping out about the new shoes, the Roshe Runs, they are actually really nice and I think I should get some too. Their diverse colours that can rage from black to white, from red to blue. My friends have some and each have a different pair. I should get my own pair like right now, you feel unique when you have a pair no one else you know has, until somebody gets them. If I ever get some I will get them blue with another colour, then I’m going to swag out.

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9 thoughts on “The Roshe Runs!!!

  1. alphaisd20

    Your blog is really interesting.I have rocshe runs myself and agree with you they are really nice. I hope you get some.

  2. samiisd20

    I had some blue and red ones last year. They are so comfortable and in style! I enjoyed the variety of options. I hope that you will have the opportunity to get some.


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