February 29

Grade 8 Course Summary

Grade 8 Course Summary

Technology can be used is many different ways to solve problems. This yeah we learnt some of these ways in the Technology course. Here is a list of what we learnt.

  • Blogging
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Video Creation
  • Design Cycle
  • Research and Citation
  • Computer Programming

Each of those can be used to solve different problems in different ways. Blogging can be used to connect people that are far from each other, and can also be used to share ideas and it can also be a way to open peoples eyes by writing blogs that challenge issues and shows various points of views. Digital citizenship can help avoid online problems such as cyberbullying, It also keeps you and others online-save. Video design falls in a similar cater gory to Blogging it shared ideas and point of views and it can be fun and challenging to make them. Research and citation helps avoid many problems, such as knowing how to cite sources, knowing where to find that information, and as a result not being accused of plagiarism. Finally, Computer programming can be used to make applications, to mode, and also to make video games. Those are a few of the multiple ways what we learnt in Technology class can help us solve problems in the world, because with the internet you can connect to people all around the world.

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  1. yacobisd20

    Great post Zoum Zoum! I knew you would put a good input on technology as you are quite familiar with it. I share your view on how much of an impact it is making on the world, to be honest I believe it might even be taking over the world >:)


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