November 16

Student Blog Challenge Week 6 Game 2

This week’s challenge focused about reading the flip-board magazine blogs. I read the following three and commented on them By: Karah By: Miranda By: Anisha

All three are interesting blogs and are worth the time reading them.

November 16

About Me…

My name is Zoumana, I’m fourteen, and I like many things.

One of my favorite pass times is playing videos games, I mostly play Destiny, however I also like drawing things I see in my sketchbook. I’m usually chill, but I can be noisy at times. My favorite sport is basketball, I’m not that good at it but I still enjoy playing and watching it. I like action and adventure movies, my favorite one is Men In Black. That’s petty much me.

November 8

Genius Hour Project Reflection (On Feminism)

My genius hour project is about feminism in 2016 and how the word feminism has been associated with other things. I chose this project because I saw many videos criticizing feminist and putting them in the same group as radical feminist. One thing that i learnt is that the word feminazi is used to describe radical feminist who accuse men for all of their problems. This made me grow as a person by making my understanding for feminist and my respect for them greater. What I learnt helped open others eyes and widen their understanding of feminism and make sure they can make the difference. In my next genius hour project, I will talk about the history of gaming and its benefits, this project will help clear the stereotypes people have about gamers that aren’t always true.

My Slideshow: