February 28

Genius Hour Project 2 Reflection

For my second genius hour project, i decided to do it about Video Games, more specifically the process of making one and the positive and negative effects of playing them. I chose this because I’m a gamer myself, and there has always been a misconception of games being bad and addictive so I wanted to spread a message. By doing this, I learnt a lot of new things about gaming such as, you get sharper reflexes and social skills while playing video games, and I also could relate to others when I read that video game causes anger, Which is true.

During and After the making of this project, I improved as a person because I understood a lot more about one of my favorite hobbies, and I knew what went into making video games and how they affect my brain. A way I helped myself was by making sure that I know what happens to me, and I also help other gamers if this message gets out there, they will understand gaming more and non-gamers won’t associate gaming with being highly addictive and causing violence. For my next genius hour project, I am not sure what I will do but I would like to talk about Animal abuse. If I talk about that, it would raise awareness about animals who are being abused for the joy and enrichment of humans. If the message of my next genius hour project gets far, it could save many animals from getting beat, separated from their home, and or tormented.

Here is a link to the slideshow I made for this: project: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AfXUGsGkW5eS01xjXQhgCmnf_qinUnolaDg9SwzGp-k/edit

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