November 16

About Me…

My name is Zoumana, I’m fourteen, and I like many things.

One of my favorite pass times is playing videos games, I mostly play Destiny, however I also like drawing things I see in my sketchbook. I’m usually chill, but I can be noisy at times. My favorite sport is basketball, I’m not that good at it but I still enjoy playing and watching it. I like action and adventure movies, my favorite one is Men In Black. That’s petty much me.

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1 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. 2021bb

    Hello, Zoumana. I can’t say with certainty that we have a lot of common interest. Except I do enjoy playing video games, drawing, and I’m fourteen years old. Some people could even agree that I’m peaceful most of the time. But I can also be noisy and loathsome, obnoxious, or arrogant. My favorite movies types are Romance, Serial, and Drama. I still remember my first time watching the Titanic. It is an amazing film, it is so sad, though. I busted into tears around the end. You can visit my blog here.


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